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Carter Corporation Pty Ltd is a dynamic and responsive South Australian company
providing quality asbestos identification, management & consultancy services in the
public and private sector, nationally.

"The primary focus of our business is in assisting our clients to reduce possible harm
to people from the effects of exposure to Asbestos Containing Materials
- both at home and in the workplace."

How We Can Help You

Carters have a team of dedicated and highly qualified people who can assist
You with the identification, assessment, advice, management, repair or removal of
any Asbestos Containing Materials on - or in your property. We also provide specialised
training services to minimise the health risks associated with Working with Asbestos.
Please follow the links below for further information on How We Can Help You.

- identify Asbestos Containing Materials

- establish an Asbestos Register

- maintain your Asbestos Register compliance

- repair or make safe Asbestos Containing Materials

- specialised Training for the Home, Workplace or Tradespeople

- management, removal and disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials

- advice on Asbestos Policy, Hazard Management or Incident Control

- obtain Safety Products to do the job correctly

Asbestos Awareness
Carter Corporation, Asbestos & You Pty Ltd and Asbestos Info have formed a partnership
with the Asbestos Diseases Society of South Australia (adssa) to provide free public
Asbestos Awareness information concerning the health risks of Asbestos and the safe
handling practices required when working with Asbestos.

This community initiative is in support of the South Australian Government's Asbestos
Safety Action Plan and is proudly sponsored by SafeWork SA.

For free information and victim support, please click on any of the above links.

Master Builders Association
Australian Institute of Management
Plumbing Industry Association
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Vet Courses Now Available

    Whitecard (Work Safely in the Construction Industry)

   Asbestos Awareness

   CLASS A Remove Friable

   CLASS B Remove Non-Friable

    SUPERVISOR Asbestos Removal

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